Entrepreneur to receive honorary doctorate

16 April 2014 One of New Zealand's most passionate political, philanthropic business entrepreneurs will receive a University of Canterbury honorary doctorate at graduation tomorrow. (read article)

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Arts at UC video

Arts at UC

Mikaela Ruegg describes her passion for filmaking and why her study of history at UC is helping her towards reaching her goals

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Arts Internship Video

UC Arts Internship Programme

New projects are continually being developed for students with strong skills in media and communications, research and writing, social research/anthropology and urban studies, historical and cultural research and more...

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More Arts

More Arts

Find out what Rachael loves about being a Fine Arts student at UC and hear her talk about her experience with the Arts Scholars programme.


Digital Humanities

Find out how you can gain an understanding of the digital world, learn how to preserve the past, work with us to preserve the present, and use next generation research tools...

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‘Undertaking an overseas education is not only about getting a degree, it’s about life experience...’

Amalia Sustikarini Studying towards a PhD in Political Science
Lecturer, International Relations Department, University of Indonesia
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Announcements and Events

Disarmament: The Balance Sheet, presented by Ms Angela Kane, United Nations High Representative for Disarmament Affairs

Wednesday 9 April, 5.30pm to 6.30pm
ABSTRACT: Is the World Listening to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's Call for Progress? Are we any closer to nuclear disarmament since New Zealand took its stand in the 1980s? How realistic is a...
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Vincent Ward public presentation 'My Father's Hands'

Monday 14 April, 7pm to 9pm
To mark the occasion of his Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts and his joining of the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts as an Adjunct Professor, Vincent Ward will give a talk entitled 'My...
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Zero Hour Petrified

Wednesday 26 March - Thursday 17 April, 9am to 4pm
Ilam Campus Gallery presents new work by UK based artist Benedict Drew. Drew works across video, installation and sound, utilising these media as devices to map the shifting digital landscape and...
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'The Problem of Child Leprosy': sterilization and separation as forms of 'child protection', presented by Dr Jane Buckingham

Wednesday 9 April, 12pm to 1pm
‘‘The problem of child leprosy’ was on the agenda of the First All-India Leprosy Workers’ Conference, in 1948. Although the mechanisms of transmission were still not understood, the high rate of...
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Public seminar: Does journalism contribute to a more inclusive society?

Thursday 10 April, 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Assoc Prof Verica Rupar, AUT University Lincoln Tan, Senior Reporter, New Zealand Herald In conjunction with AUT University and as part of the global Inclusive Journalism Initiative, we’re...
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