Cinema Studies

From its inception, cinema has been a truly global phenomenon. It was the most popular art form of the 20th century and continues to play an important role in the development of digital media. Our courses reflect the global scope of film history by covering a wide range of films and directors from the era of silent film and the advent of sound (1896-1930s), the heyday of Hollywood and international art cinema (1939-1980s), and the globalization of film and contemporary world cinema (1990s to the present).

We are now part of the new Department of English, Cinema and Digital Humanities. Our programme, Cinema Studies, offers students a major and minor for the BA.

News and Announcements

Vincent Ward, the celebrated New Zealand filmmaker, will receive an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Canterbury in April and will also join our new Department of Film (Cinema Studies and Film Fine Arts) as an Adjunct Professor.  Vincent’s first film, State of Siege (1977), was made while he was a student at Ilam.  His debut feature film Vigil  (1984) was the first NZ film in competition at Cannes.  His cinematic vision is challenging and distinct and has become an integral part of New Zealand’s cultural heritage.  Vincent will visit campus regularly and is keen to share his knowledge and experience with students.   We hope to include a seminar or master-class with Vincent Ward in this year’s Platform Festival in May.


Vincent Ward, Vigil (1984)

Fern Macvey Recipient of a 2014 Arts Scholarship

Congratulations to Fern Macvey, Cinema Studies major, who has been selected to join the 2014 Arts Scholars programme.

Mat Daniel recipient of a Masters Scholarship

Congratulations to Mat Daniel, Cinema Studies student, who is the recipient of a Masters Scholarship.

Latin American Film Festival
9th-20th September 2013, UC Undercroft 101

hlhlWith the Support of UC Cinema Studies, The Latin American Film Festival (LAFF) is proud to present, for the first time at the University of Canterbury, its 12th edition featuring a selection of recent films from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela.
All screenings are FREE
, but there are only 80 seats available, so seating is strictly first come, first served. Please arrive early to be sure of obtaining a seat.
Further information on The Latin American Film Festival, including programme.

Luke Towart recipient of a Masters Scholarship

Congratulations to Luke Towart who is the recipient of a Masters Scholarship.


Jacques Rivette a new book by Dr Mary Wiles

Congratulations to Dr Mary Wiles on the publication of her new book, Jacques Rivette.
An excerpt from Dr Mary Wiles's new book may be found in the online journal Senses of Cinema