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Classics Day 6th June 2013

Why study Classics?

gbkjhThe question scarcely needs answering in an age that is so conscious of cultural heritage and background. The brilliantly creative eras of Greek and Roman culture from c. 800 BC – AD 400, and the periods of growth and decline which flank them, laid the foundation of Western society as we experience it, warts and all. We study the creations in drama, poetry and philosophy of writers like Homer, Aeschylus, Virgil and Plato; we examine the achievements in the world of politics, warfare and government of leaders like Alexander, Julius Caesar and the Roman emperors. The list is almost endless of those who shaped our thinking about key issues that still concern us today.

Teaching within Classics takes two major directions: on the one hand instruction is given in the study of the ancient world through the medium of original languages, Latin and Greek, while, on the other hand, a wide range of Classical Studies courses is provided where the history, literature, and art of the ancient world are examined through translations of the original texts and through the use of ancient artefacts and visual images.

“Opinion: Majoring in the Classics gives Students an Edge” USA TODAY, College May 12, 2012

News and Announcements

Classics Course Guide 2014

CLASSICS Course Guide now available for 2014.

Classoc AwardBest Arts Club Award

Congratulations to CLASSOC for winning the
Best Arts Club Award in the 2013 Supreme Club Awards. Book Cover

Study of Greek drama

Dr Patrick O'Sullivan's new book (co-authored with Chris Collard)Euripides: Cyclops and Major Fragments of Greek Satyric Drama has just been published by Oxbow Books.  Supported by a Research Grant from the Marsden Fund, this volume breaks new ground in the study of Greek drama. It is the first work ever to include in one volume a major introduction with texts, commentaries and translations of our one complete surviving satyr play combined with all the substantial remains of this important dramatic genre.

Scholarship Winners

Classics students Amy White and Hugh Williams have both won UC Master's ScholarshipsCongratulations!!

Prof. Graham Zanker is delighted to announce that a Classics doctoral student, Andrew Wong, has been awarded the prestigious Edward Gibbon Wakefield NZ Graduate Scholarship to continue his studies on the Classical Greek concept of the hero of intelligence at Christ Church, Oxford for the coming Oxford academic year.  Andrew will be studying under the Regius Professor of Greek, Prof. Christopher Pelling, an expert in Andrew’s field.

James Logie receives generous donation of 12 rare classical texts

The James Logie Memorial Collection has recently received a generous donation of 12 rare classical texts (PDF 56KB) belonging to the late Professor Douglas A. Kidd.