Pacific Rim Exhibition - Fine Arts - Department - University of Canterbury

2008 Pacific Rim International Print Exhibition

The 2008 Pacific Rim International Exhibition is presented at the SOFA Gallery, Christchurch New Zealand from 6 October to 14 November 2008. Artists from the nations and cultures of the Pacific Rim and Basin were invited to present works in an extensive range of printmaking media for selection.

The selection committee of Dr Barry Cleavin, Professor Wayne Miyamoto and Cathryn Shine, chose 34 works from over 400 entries by more than 200 artists. Professor Miyamoto is a printmaker/artist from Hawaii and Dr Cleavin and Ms Shine are New Zealand printmaker/artists. The artists presented in the 2008 exhibition come from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Russia and the United States of America. I thank these artists for their participation in generously offering their art works for the exhibition.

There is an exciting and diverse range of approaches to be seen in the selected works, not only in the processes but also in content, subject matter and iconography. The selected work includes digital inkjet prints, intaglio, lithography, mezzotint, monoprint, photoengraving, relief, serigraphy and solarplate.

New Zealand is somewhat isolated from the international art community, and this exhibition serves to provide an interface with wider visual possibilities to a cross section of contemporary print art works. New Zealand artists will benefit from the accessibility of this exhibition while the participating artists will gain recognition for their work.

The School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury extends its gratitude to all the artists who entered work for selection and through their support have made this exhibition possible. I acknowledge at the end of the catalogue the many individuals who have contributed to the foundation of this exhibition in New Zealand.

Cathryn Shine
Faculty of Creative Arts
October 2008