Pacific Rim Exhibition - Fine Arts - University of Canterbury

2010 Pacific Rim International Print Exhibition

The 2010 Pacific Rim International Exhibition was presented at the SOFA Gallery, Christchurch New Zealand from 6 October to 14 November 2008. Artists from the nations and cultures of the Pacific Rim and Basin were invited to present works in an extensive range of printmaking media for selection.

Works Exhibited

Daisuke Inada
Tokyo, Japan
Cyclic Code
Stone lithography
59.5 x 69 cms
Stephen Lovett
Auckland, New Zealand
Untitled (print/object no.1124)
Screen print with die cut reverse side print
30 x 30 cms
Daniel Britton
Arizona, USA
Bull Dog
41 x 53.5 cms
Jenny Freestone
Maryland, USA
Vessel II, Third State
Direct gravure, roulette
25 x 33 cms
Yuji Hiratsuka
Oregon, USA
Intaglio, chine-collé
61 x 46 cms
Marian Crawford
Victoria, Australia
New Growth
Etching on cut paper, thread
76 x 56 cms
Mitch Mitchell
Alberta, Canada
Midnights Well of Giants
Photo-intaglio, lithography, chine-collé
37 x 48 cms
Kim Seung Yeon
Seoul, South Korea
Night Landscape – 20062
40 x 60 cms
Wendy Kahle
Oregon, USA
Rose Hips
Etching with aquatint
45 x 60 cms
Allan Mann
Victoria, Australia
Kilts, Sporrans, Bonnets and Bagpipes – Ersatz Down Under
Digital inkjet print
40 x 100 cms
Michelle Martin
Oklahoma, USA
Evening @ Claudio’s
Reduction linocut
51 x 72.5 cms
Chunwoo Nam
New York, USA
Individual Story IV
40.5 x 119.5 cms
Richard Bigus
Hawaii, USA
Michiko’s Ghost
Digital inkjet print
55 x 65 cms
Kim Lowe
Christchurch, New Zealand
9 Dragons
Woodblock and ghost print
39 x 39 cms
Joan Travaglia
Hamilton, New Zealand
67 x 59 cms
Wayne Miyamoto
Hawaii, USA
The Sky is Full of Bones
60 x 45 cms
Wayne Miyamoto
Hawaii, USA
Kilaueau X
60 x 45 cms oto
Nigel Buxton
Christchurch, New Zealand
This Pioneering Life – Sunset
Digital inkjet
52 x 45 cms
Hernando Vergara Amaya
Bogata, Colombia
Senales Particulares I
Digital computer print
70 x 50 cms
Manuel Lau
Quebec, Canada
Pigment over Kozo, lithography,
chine-collé, embossing
105 x 76 cms
Endi Poskovic
Michigan, USA
If This Be Not I in Deep Yellow with Red
63 x 99 cms
Anthony Davies
Wanganui, New Zealand
War and Peace – 1
Monoprint – silkscreen
100 x 66 cms
Olav Nielsen
Dunedin, New Zealand
25 x 12.5 cms
Mark Graver
Kerikeri, New Zealand
Nymphéas I
Acrylic resist etching
50 x 90 cms
Yoshio Imamura
Nagano, Japan
Continual Change
Etching, wood block, leaf
70 x 148 cms
Jonathan Cartledge
Massachusetts, USA
Portrait of T
Screen print
24.5 x 24.5 cms
Valdimir Zuev
Nizhny Tagil, Russia
Drypoint, collagraphy, soft ground,
engraving, aquatint, relief
67 x 98 cms
Shirley Bernstein
Connecticut, USA
Reduction woodcut
19 x 56 cms
Melisa Harshman
Utah, USA
Screen print
53.5 x 53.5 cms
Briar Craig
British Columbia, Canada
Blue Tongue Run
Ultra-violet screenprint
102 x 72.5 cms
Paul Smith
New South Wales, Australia
Akky’s Dream
Colloblock print
76 x 99 cm
Kyle Turner
Illinois, USA
Blue Collar Solicitation
105 x 67.5 cms
Mitsuru Nagashima
Chiba-Ken, Japan
Myth and Legend no.24 Alkyoneus
100 x 70 cms
Deborah Cornell
Massachusetts, USA
Repercussion III
Digital print
51 x 40.5 cms
Ann Johnston-Schuster
Washington, USA
On Deaf Ears
Mixed media, woodcut
38 x 28 cms
Byron Brauchli
Veracruz, Mexico
La Migra (Collage Version)
Platinum-palladium with photogravure chine-collé
Collaboration with Guillermo Espinosa
56 x 38 cms
Ben Rak
New South Wales, Australia
Culture Debt II
100 x 76 cms
Anne Starling
New South Wales, Australia
Edge of Industry
Linoblock, intaglio, collagraph
69 x 89 cms