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Gareth Brighton | Snip Tools
2 September - 5 September 2014

My work stems from interest in painting, collage, photography and in my interest in the use of found materials which is the basis of my work. Found materials are important to me because of the manner in which they can link my work to a specific time and place. My found material will take the form of cardboard packaging and discarded ply wood.

The work I will be showing for Snip Tools will be split into two bodies of work: firstly, in the Casting Room there will be a figurative body of work examining appropriated film stills and domestic interiors. Interchanging groupings of these two settings will examine a narrative between what we are watching and where we are watching them. They will be translated to found ply wood by the way of stencils, mono-printing, screen-printing and oil paint.

The second body of work in IR2 will be based around a tension between creation and appropriation and the integration of technological and painterly processes. Deconstructing not what we are viewing but through what medium we do so.

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