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Aodhan Madden | Artist in residence
20 August - 22 August 2014

As the Casting Rooms Artist in Residence, Aodhan Madden presents a body; one of events, means and tasks​

Kant does tell one how to take others into account; he does not tell one how to combine with them in order to act. — Hannah Arendt1

The social CONTRACT is an agreement of MAN with MAN; an agreement from which must result what we call society….Translating these words, contract, commutative justice, which are the language of the law, into the language of business, and you have commerce, that is to say, in its highest significance, the act by which MAN and MAN declare themselves essentially producers, and ABDICATE ALL PRETENSION to govern each other
—Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century (1851)

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