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Donna-Marie Patterson | Floating
28 July - 31 July 2015

My current practice investigates my personal interest and experiences of Canterbury’s rivers and their environs. The drawings and works, expressed through a range of forms and materials raise questions concerning the precariousness of the environment and material values.

Stone and timber materials are personally sourced from these environs to reflect and reveal the natural intrinsic qualities. Then the artworks juxtapose the natural materials with brightly coloured synthetic, to emphasis the contrasts of their formal and contextual properties.

Presently I have been challenging myself to metamorphose the source materials into new artworks. The recycling of this key material is often not initially evident as it’s subtly reformed and revealed into new media and materials; ie photographs, drawings, sculptures.

This reuse process explores materials worth, recycling, the environment and further celebrates the material’s histories and memories, acknowledging its past, present and future.

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