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Fine Arts

Why study Fine Arts?

Welcome to Fine Arts at Canterbury! The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is a four-year degree offering specialisation in visual arts and design subjects. The degree combines practical studies in studio courses, offered by the School of Fine Arts, with courses chosen from a wide range of subjects from other degrees.

Fine Arts students gain an education in the liberal arts, a specialist education in one of six areas of the Fine Arts;

Students have access to the full range of courses and other resources offered in the University. This programme is unique among New Zealand Schools of Art.

Fine Arts students are taught by staff who are all practising artists and designers, and who have established reputations as practitioners in their fields.

Fine Arts and Studio Courses

Fine Arts courses at Canterbury engage students in both the practical areas of visual arts and in a wider education within the liberal arts. The liberal arts components of this degree enable students to enrich their visual practice. The studio components of this degree demand the equivalent of four days a week and the liberal arts component demands the equivalent of one day per week.

On completion of a BFA degree students leave this institution with a very well rounded liberal education, as well as strong practical and visual skills. They are strong candidates for employment once leaving us as they are all good lateral thinkers and provide clear evidence of organisational skills.

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Career Paths

Graduates of the School enter a variety of vocations within the art world including teaching, gallery administration, practising artist, advertising agencies, graphic design studios, commercial and documentary photographers, film industry (editing, producing, directing and scripting) but to name a few! There is also the option of applying for and gaining entry to some of the best international graduate programmes available here and overseas.