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Patrick Turner studying towards a MSc in Geology
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Olivia Orange - Majoring in Spanish, recipient of a scholarship to study in Spain.

Global, Cultural & Language Studies

The Department of Global, Cultural and Language Studies is a newly created department with an emphasis on European and European Union Studies and Asian Studies, studied from contemporary political, social, cultural and language perspectives. The department collaborates with China through the Confucius Institute, and with Europe and the European Union through the National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE); engages with business or community groups that wish to reach out to Asia and Europe and provides teaching in international competence.

The Department works innovatively to equip graduates for careers in some of the major continents and societies of the globalised world in ways that ensure relationships are strengthened and mutual benefit, respect and understanding are established.

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21st Biennial New Zealand Asian Studies Society (NZASIA) Conference

29 November 2015 09:00AM until 01 December 2015 05:00PM

Victoria Escaip Wins Most Positive Award

2 October 2015: At the Lecturer of the Year Awards 2015 event, Senior Tutor Victoria Escaip from the Spanish Programme received, in the category of Special Awards of the Year, the Most Positive Award. Read more...

Can We Capitalise the Name Confucianism

2 October 2015: Dr Xiaoming Wu was invited to speak at an international conference, The Dialogue Between Confucianism and European Cultures: Withering or Developing Confucianism in the Era of Globalization. Read more...

Language Learning Stakeholder Summit

24 September 2015: Associate Professor Adam Lam and Dr Masayoshi Ogino were invited to Language Learning Stakeholder Summit at the University of Auckland on 19 Sept. The theme for discussion was "What actions can we take to strengthen Learning Languages in NZ schools without policy?” Read more...

Celebrating Research Excellence

18 September 2015: The European and European Union Studies of the Global, Cultural & Language Studies Department end this school year with a great achievement in teaching. Teaching excellence of its staff has been recognised by the students and four educators have been nominated for the UCSA Teaching Awards 2015! Read more...

Exhibition Opens In Westport

18 September 2015: Associate Professor Susanne Ledanff has her sole exhibition of paintings "Mirages – Christchurch – Berlin" at the Interspace Gallery in the Art Hotel in Westport. The exhibition opened on the 11th of September and runs until the 4th of October. Read more...

2015 Model EU Event Back on Campus

28 August 2015: The New Zealand European Union Centres Network (EUCN), in partnership with the National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE) and UN Youth Canterbury, are excited to have the 2015 Model EU event back on campus. This year’s event theme, UNSETTLED – The EU’s Response to Migration and Refugees in the Mediterranean in 2015, looks at the asylum seeker crisis facing Europe. Read more...

UC Japanese Welcomes Japanese teenagers

24 August 2015: On 11 August, the Japanese Programme welcomed 10 Japanese teenagers from the Tohoku region into language classes and organised a lunch, chat, and performance session for them.  They were in Christchurch as part of the Support-Our-Kids homestay programme, which was established after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake for Tohoku children who had lost parents or had their lives otherwise disrupted as a result of the earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima nuclear disaster. Read more...

UC German visits Burnside High School

24 August 2015: Vera Leier from the UC German program, together with three of her students, went to visit Burnside High School and to promote German at UC. Read more...

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