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Global, Cultural & Language Studies

The Department of Global, Cultural and Language Studies is a newly created department with an emphasis on European and European Union Studies and Asian Studies, studied from contemporary political, social, cultural and language perspectives. The department collaborates with China through the Confucius Institute, and with Europe and the European Union through the National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE); engages with business or community groups that wish to reach out to Asia and Europe and provides teaching in international competence.

The Department works innovatively to equip graduates for careers in some of the major continents and societies of the globalised world in ways that ensure relationships are strengthened and mutual benefit, respect and understanding are established.

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Global, Cultural & Language Studies

31st October 2014

Associate Professor Natalia Chaban, of European and EU Studies of GCLS/NCRE, has been appointed Adjunct Full Professor at the Research and Learning Institute of Foreign Languages, Cherkasy National University, Ukraine.  She was nominated by the renowned Ukrainian scholar, Professor Svitlana Zhabotynska, one of the leaders of the Institute.  Her appointment was approved and signed by the Rector of the Cherkasy National University.
Associate Professor Natalia Chaban, of European and EU Studies of GCLS/ NCRE, was invited by the Department of Social and Cultural Research at the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda (Germany) to present a three-hour research seminar, "The EU in the Eyes of Asia-Pacific."  She presented to MA students within the Learning Project of the Jean Monnet programme "Außen - und Innenansichten der Europäischen Union.  Der europäische Integrationsprozess aus multinationaler und interkultureller Perspektive".
Associate Professor Natalia Chaban, of European and EU Studies of GCLS/ NCRE, participated in the NFG Author’s Workshop for a Special Issue: “Against all Odds: Diffusing Security Paradigms in the EU-Asia Relationship” on  29 October 2014 at the Freie Universität Berlin (Germany).  Natalia also was a discussant and the chair during the workshop.