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The Logie Collection was first formed in 1957, following a gift of Greek pottery to Canterbury University College by Classics staff member Marion Steven. Discover more about the history of the Collection.


The Collection currently includes over 370 objects in a wide variety of materials and styles, and representing many cultures. If you can't visit the Logie Collection in person, you can still view highlights of the collection online. We also feature a number of our artefacts on NZ Museums Online and in our digital exhibitions.


Digital images of objects in the Logie Collection are available for personal enjoyment, research, publication and commercial purposes. Find out more about how to access our images.


We Could Be Heroes: Gods & heroes of the ancient Greeks and Romans

The gods and heroes of the Greeks and Romans were powerful, yet they were also complex. The inaugural exhibition at the Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities celebrates the stories of their adventures, disputes, conflicts and love interests.

Power and Profit: The life and coins of Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great had a significant impact on the ancient world. Evidence of his enduring legacy can be seen in the development of a range of coins which were either issued by Alexander himself, or were issued by his descendants and successors. 

Virtue and Adversity: The poetry of Virgil in the DA Kidd Collection

Arts Intern Georgia Jones explores the themes of virtue and adversity in Virgil's famous poems the Aeneid and the Georgics

From Hieroglyphs to Text Messages: A Short History of Writing

This exhibition draws on artefacts from the James Logie Memorial Collection and the University Library Rare Books Collection, to present a glimpse into the history of writing.

cc21Portraits in Plaster: Casts in the Logie Collection

The plaster casts of Greek and Roman sculpture in the Logie Collection have a rich history. Not only do they provide insight into ancient styles of art, they are also an important feature in the history of the Collection.