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The Friends Society of the James Logie Memorial Collection was formed in 2003, and is known as PhiloLogie for short. You can support the Logie Collection and encourage its development by joining our friends group.

DA Kidd Exhibition
PhiloLogie members at the launch of the Logie Catalogue.

PhiloLogie is a charitable trust. Its objects are:

  • to promote public support for the Logie Collection
  • to bring together those with an interest in the Collection
  • to encourage research and use of the Collection
  • to encourage development of the collection through donations and purchases
  • to hold periodic meetings and produce publications

Upcoming Events

Find out what's on at the PhiloLogie Society. Stay in touch to receive updates about our future events and functions.

  • The 2018 PhiloLogie AGM will be held on Thursday 25 October at 6pm in the Camerata Room, Level 3, UC Arts city, 3 Hereford Street, Christchurch. All welcome, refreshments will be provided.


Join PhiloLogie

To join PhiloLogie, please complete the application form, or contact the secretary, Melanie Coulter.

For all other enquiries, please contact Terri Elder or Alice English. Full details are on the Contacts page.