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‘Taking the 200-level Crime and Justice paper really sparked my interest...’

Annabel Frost Studying towards a BA(Hons) in Sociology
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Why study Sociology?

If you want to study how the modern world came to be the way it is, what is happening and why, and what alternatives are possible, Sociology is for you.

The raw stuff of Sociology is human experience. Sociology is where human experience, both individual and public, singular and collective meet. These public and private stories make up the sociological imagination and  this results in many different social realities.

We all exist within ever-changing social worlds, forces, groups, ideologies and institutions that make up what is called society.

Sociology is the study of these ever-changing social realities and the sociological imagination that gives rise to them. Sociology is where you research, argue and critique the social world in all its fullness.

Sociologists investigate the structure of societies, organisations and groups. Their subject matter ranges from the intimacy of the family, the criminal gang, activities at the rugby game and rock festival, through to divisions of ethnicity, gender and class. All of these and many more areas, including globalisation, postcolonialism, cities, technologies, environment, health and the social organisation of death, are included in the Sociology programme taught at UC.

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Criminal fascists, weak states and global capitalism: reading Badiou on the Paris massacres

Room 208 Macmillan Brown Building, 11/3/2016 11:00 AM Free 

Mike Grimshaw Edits Palgrave Special Issue

16 October 2015: Dr Mike Grimshaw (Sociology) has guest-edited a special issue “Radical theologies” of the Palgrave open access journal Palgrave Communications. Read more...

Locke Provides Endorsement for Hyena Book

9 October 2015: Dr Piers Locke has provided an endorsement for “Among The Bone-Eaters: Encounters with Hyenas in Harar”, a new book by anthropologist Marcus Baynes-Rock, published by Pennsylvania University Press. Read more...

Interview with Piers Locke on Fellowship at Rachel Carson Center

9 October 2015: A short video interview with Dr Piers Locke on "Humans and Elephants in Nepal and Multispecies Ethnography” from his time earlier this year as a fellow of the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society in Munich is now available through the Carson Center website and on YouTube. Read more...

Shark Diving Helps Anthropology PhD Student

2 October 2015: UC Anthropology doctoral student Raj Aich was featured in the Southland Times this week. Dr. Raj Sekhar Aich is undertaking research into cage diving and how people photograph sharks in the hope that he can help save the apex predator. Read more...

Social Movements Course Offered In 2016

18 September 2015: SOCI 361 – Social Movements will be offered next year again by Dr. Anne Scott in the Sociology and Anthropology Dept. This course is about the how and why of social movements. What part do emotions play in motivating people to get involved? Read more...

Mutual Act of Community Outreach

18 September 2015: The Sociology course, SOCI244: On Death And Dying, had a very successful class trip to Academy Funeral Services at 65 Main South Road, Sockburn. Every year Academy Funeral Services opens its doors to UoC as it sees the University and our students as part of its local community. Read more...

Greg Newbold Invited To Speak To Treasury

18 September 2015: On 8 September, Professor Greg Newbold gave an invited lecture to the New Zealand Department of the Treasury on the topic, ‘The Political and Economic Implications of Three Strikes and You’re Out’. Read more...

History of Emotions Conference

11 September 2015: Sessional lecturer in human services and social work, Dr Cindy Zeiher recently presented a paper at the History of Emotions Conference hosted by the Stout Centre for New Zealand Studies in Wellington. Read more...

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