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South Asia Studies

Why study South Asia Studies?

Yatra in GarhwalSouth Asia is rapidly becoming a key player in the global economy and in global politics. The region includes India, the world's largest and most resilien0t democracy. New Zealand is strengthening its economic and cultural ties with South Asia, and film, sport and music are providing a vehicle for contemporary cultural exchange.

This programme intends to create and deepen knowledge of the Indian subcontinent and the Indic civilisation.

It will help students to acquire - an understanding of the historical complexity and variety of cultures, religions, and state formations within the South Asian region; - knowledge of key issues in the study of historical, anthropological, sociological, cultural and political aspects of colonial and post-colonial South Asia; - awareness of South Asia’s role in the political and economic development of the Asia-Pacific region and its growing global significance; - awareness of New Zealand’s changing relationship with South Asia.

South Asia Studies is the initiative of the New Zealand South Asia Centre.